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Next Project
Next Project
That's Right the next stroy is a crossover between the Evil Dead series and sonic
I am keeping all of the details about it hidden until the prolog, but you will have a part in deciding on how the story goes just look in the Description below
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Gaim Kiwami Arms by Weenman23 Gaim Kiwami Arms :iconweenman23:Weenman23 7 2
Quick update
Hey just an update on some things  
1st: the update I no longer require with the mods thing and the story's and pitchers are coming along slowly but they are coming along.
2nd: I am now work with some one on Fanfiction now he has been on the site for awhile but still has to set up his profile
The link to his account will also be added to my account when it is set up.
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Return of the Keyblade
Return of The X-Blade chapter 1.5
Sora, Riku, Kiria  have just escaped the destruction of their home world of Destiny Islands again (KH 1) at the hands of Unversed and made it to Hollow Bastion. Riku & Kiria were both unsure of what to do at the monument but Sora did he had suggested that they go see Leon and the others. Unknown to our 2  heroes & heroine that they were going to meet 3 more people to add to there group. On the  way to the Hallow Bastion Restoration Committee Sora Clasped on the ground Kiria & Riku ran to his aid  , "Sora what's wrong?" Asked a worried Kiria to Sora. Right before he said 2 more people appred before the trio. The 2 beings that appeared before our Sora,Kiria, Riku were a clasped Roxas & Namine. Riku ran up to the 2 clasped Nobodies and asked "Roxas, Namine what's wrong?". Namine responded by saying " Someone gone and forgotten is now coming back. You can feel it can't you." Riku responded, " yes I can do
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Mobiean Wasp prolog
Mobiean Wasp Prologue
Janet Van Dyne or also known as "The Wasp" had just finished a solo mission for The Avengers. "Well that was a job well-done," Janet stated proudly as she flew back to here rooftop Apartment in her smaller forum. She had just arrived to her apartment, put on her civilian outfit and ready to go for a night out on the town, but she had failed to notice the yellow shaped emerald until it was to late. When she did she saw that it was pulsating faster and the light getting brighter and brighter until she vanished from the apartment, and the plant. Unknown to her she was teleported to another universe entirely.
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Return of The X-Blade chapter 1
Return of The X-blade chapter 1
Ventus after waking up from his 10 year long sleep, but having no memory but his name diceiced to leave castle Oblivion. Little did he know that he was no longer human after he had awaken. "What is this place? It both familiar and different.", Ventus stated. After he had said that painful  shock went though him. Three names and an image appeared in his head. "Aqua, Terra. "  the first two names sent a feeling of pleaser and warmth though him, but the 3rd name and image sent a feeling of horror and displease as if he was partly responsible  for his 10 year sleep. But the part that frightened Ventus was the name and that name was, " Xanohert." but the phase was not his own but he knew that voice. He slowly turned around and saw him the man in his head he was not alone there were two others with wearing the same outfit except for the old man. Ventus knew who he was instanly, "Xanohert
,"  Ventus whispered. Xanohert spoke after summing hi
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A New World-Soul Eater part 2
A new world- soul eater part 2
As Maka and Soul started to make their way to the nearest city to find Corona and find out were they are.
"Hey Maka even though you may now be a very cutie cat now you are still my favorite mister.But I still want
to know kind of animal I'm right now." as Soul was pondering on the thought, but right before Maka could make
an idea she was interruped by the roar of a car engin. Then 3 cars zoomed by. Soul and Maka was able to make
out a Gold Bug car, a Japan sports car, and a regular sports car. But then the sports car came to a complete stop
right next to Soul and Maka the door opened right in front of them and said "Get in now!" but before Soul and
Maka could protest a robotic T-Rex came out of nowwhere. And then right before there eyes the T-Rex yelled
"Terrorize," and it started to changed into a robot right before their eyes and dicided to get in the car and found
out that their was no driver in the car!  Soul and Maka started to freak out wh
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A New world- Soul Eater part 1
A new world- soul eater part 1
Today was going to be great for mister Maka and her partner Soul except for one thing she had something to her
over night somehow and that was she had grow a light browns tail and they both woke up in som random forest
in the middle of nowhere. But at she thought this could not get any worse, but at least Soul pointed out the fur
her hair. But then she told Soul that his ears where missing. After that Soul stared to freak out then he started to
heir again, but Maka pointed out that his ears were on top of his head now. Just then Maka felt a weird feeling coming her
feet then the feeling started coming up to her legs and body.  While that was happing Soul finely stop freaking out
he had realized that his eye sight was better then before, but new seeing ability he saw that Maka was starting to look
like a CAT!!!!!! Soul watched in honor as his parteren becoming a cat right before his eyes. He started to noticed that
Her head was becoming like a ov
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matrixes by Weenman23 matrixes :iconweenman23:Weenman23 0 0
Amy TF AP part 1
Amy TF AP 1/2
A young  girl walks though the woods one day looking for flowers to smell as is her custom. She had noticed a lone rose all by it self and went to smell it, "ow dumb thorn!"  But misterisly the wound from the thorn was healing, she glad about this but she notice that white cloth was starting to show up were she was hurt and on the other hand. Soon more of the white cloth had showed up on her hand and she yelled, "Is that a glove?" soon after she had said that a gold ring appeared at the end of both gloves.
After the golden rings appeared on her new gloves. She was wondering, " what is going on?" She tried to run but something was stopping her. Then all of a sudden here hair was growing longer, she was getting tall, and her shirt was getting thight around her chests. The girl then realized that the rose was making her a teenager, but she was wondering why her clothewere not being torn apart. After that thought her answer can. Her hair was truning pink,
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Cream kid to teen 2
Cream AP
There I was surrounded by friends, mother, and the Autobots. George to be the only who understood what happening and why. But before he could say anything about what was happening, Amy intrepid him saying to me "well your are still the same when you were 6 years old," just after Amy said that George slaped him self,"Smack" that went of when he slaped himself on the face. I gusse he realized what was about to happen next. Just then a surged of pain went thought me as George tock my hand and yelled " TIME STOP!" and everything froze expect me and George. Before I could ask him why the pain continued the thought me my ears got longer and I started to grow nice orange hair imbetween my two new long ears. The pain had final stopped and the pain would be gone for good. I got up and asked George, " how old am I now?" he answered  "about 14 years old just as old as Amy rose," just as he finished what he was saying time begane agian and everyone looked cream agian( because of
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Chaos gem by Weenman23 Chaos gem :iconweenman23:Weenman23 0 0


Hating each other in silence by Klonoahedgehog Hating each other in silence :iconklonoahedgehog:Klonoahedgehog 23 0 QuakeWoman.EXE V2 by Klonoahedgehog QuakeWoman.EXE V2 :iconklonoahedgehog:Klonoahedgehog 30 10 Introducing Tempo by Klonoahedgehog Introducing Tempo :iconklonoahedgehog:Klonoahedgehog 20 2 Archie Mega Man's Vesper Woman by JusteDesserts Archie Mega Man's Vesper Woman :iconjustedesserts:JusteDesserts 148 43 The Ten Doctors, Page 1 by eclecticmuses The Ten Doctors, Page 1 :iconeclecticmuses:eclecticmuses 530 162
Sonic+Sally's Digtial Adventure in Aincrad Chp.1
Chapter 1: Starting The Link.
 One morning on Mobius Prime, Sonic and his girlfriend Sally were up early to watch the Sunrise on the upper hull of the Sky Patrol. Having severely sabotaged the Death Egg  the day before, both of them were restless. "Thank you for this, Sonic." Sally said as the sun started to come into view. "Anytime Sally, Hey Nicole, you up?" called Sonic. "As Always, Sonic." said Nicole as she materialized from the Digital World.
    "Why don't you come join us, you look like you need it." Sonic exclaimed. "Thank you, I sure do. Something strange is happening in The Digital World that I can't trace." Nicole stated. Sonic and Sally showed a look of concern as Nicole sat down. "What's Wrong, Nicole?" Sally asked. "I'll tell you after lunch when I have had more time to study it." Nicole said in a worried tone.
    A couple of moments later, the sun rose to the peak of it's beauty and shined on the Freedom Fig
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Seraphim Sans by Renic-Pai Seraphim Sans :iconrenic-pai:Renic-Pai 374 91 Armored Rider Dark Gaim Helheim Arms by JoinedZero Armored Rider Dark Gaim Helheim Arms :iconjoinedzero:JoinedZero 18 2 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer LV3 Battride War by JoinedZero Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer LV3 Battride War :iconjoinedzero:JoinedZero 35 9 [UNDERTALE SPOILERS?] Blaster fun by zarla [UNDERTALE SPOILERS?] Blaster fun :iconzarla:zarla 5,464 507 FNAF4 Comic 3 Stomach Ache - 7-15-15 by Mattartist25 FNAF4 Comic 3 Stomach Ache - 7-15-15 :iconmattartist25:Mattartist25 331 27 Commission for Axelstripe by Nanahii Commission for Axelstripe :iconnanahii:Nanahii 175 12 KH Frisk WIP by MadAsThyHatter KH Frisk WIP :iconmadasthyhatter:MadAsThyHatter 82 7 You know he's dead... by lightbluesskrill You know he's dead... :iconlightbluesskrill:lightbluesskrill 84 30 Undertale - Joyride by TC-96 Undertale - Joyride :icontc-96:TC-96 2,583 651
Beat and Note of Dragon Ball Heroes Enter DB!
Name(s): Beat and Note

Age: Probably between 12 and 16
Occupation: Gamers, Z Fighters
Affiliations: Z Fighters, Dragon Ball Heroes

-Held their own against the many, many warriors of the Dragon Ball universe
-Helped fought Super Saiyan 4 Broly and Great Ape Broly
-Fought the God of Destruction Beerus
-Using the Dragon Ball Heroes machines, traveled to virtually every timeline in the Dragon Ball universe
-Can utilize advanced time travel technology from Dragon Ball Heroes machines to become Saiyans
-Can use Ki attacks
-Most likely equal to that of most characters in the Dragon Ball universe


-Ability to fly with the use ki

-Goku's signature attack

-Powerful ki energy wave technique created by Master
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62 deviations
Claiming Famikamen Rider eyecon now and is officially making it from a real eyecon



Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Fun loving and great at drawing Sonic, Transformers, Soul Eater, Keyblades,Megaman ,and Heroes of Olympus


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